Personal Caregiving

The activities of daily living that each of us do everyday can often times be taken for granted when we are young and healthy. As we age, personal hygiene and other activities can become more difficult to complete on our own.

Fall Prevention

Falls can result in serious injury and can be caused by the side effects of medication, balance issues, or even by an unseen obstacle in the home. From our initial assessment, we can help address the concerns to help prevent injury from an unnecessary fall.

Care Concierge Service

EverCare tries hard to provide the best service we can to each and every client we service. Our goal is to be a one stop shop when it comes to helping our clients. We work with partners in many areas that we are happy to recommend.

Companion Care

​Companion care provides support to seniors that are fairly independent but require just a little more. Often times our companions find themselves providing lifestyle assistance, like driving to appointments, shopping, errands, and escorting to social engagements.

Respite Care

Taking care of an elderly or disabled loved one brings many rewards to both the caregiver and the recipient, but often times it can take a toll on the primary caregiver. EverCare's Respite Program allows for temporary relief from caring for individuals with various needs.


Alzheimer's Care 

If your loved one is suffering from the effects of Alzheimer's disease or another type of dementia, you know how difficult it can be to provide care. Through understanding and compassion, we can provide education and support while we work with you and your loved one to optimize mobility, safety and quality of life.