Screening &


EverCare Health Services takes pride in knowing that we hire some of the best caregivers available in the Las Vegas market. Our focus is on individuals who desire to serve and provide great service to others as well as who are honest, respectful, and capable of providing the needed care required.

Through our many years of experience in the Senior Care industry, we understand that our clients expect our caregivers to be trustworthy, capable, and consistent. These three qualities and many others are sought after when interviewing and training our caregivers. We want to make sure that any experience with an EverCare caregiver is a good one.



  • One Year Minimum of Professional Caregiver Experience

  • Social Security Verification

  • Driver’s License or State License Verification

  • Motor Vehicle Records

  • Tuberculosis Test (2 Step or Chest X-ray)

  • Nationwide Criminal History Check

  • Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Check

  • Attorney Inspector General

  • Fingerprint Trace and Records

  • Workplace Verification

  • Reference Verification

  • CPR Certification (within 6 months of hire)

  • Phone Screen

  • Pre-Employment Interview

  • Physical Examination and Medical Clearance

  • Skill Set Verification

  • Caregiver Orientation (8hrs) and Self Study




One the best reasons to use a professional caregiver services is to know that you have the proper protections in place to protect against loss and liability. By hiring EverCare Health Services, you are assured that our Fidelity Bond, Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance will provide an extra layer of protection against claims that may come from a caregiver.

Fidelity Bond: Protects homeowners in cases of theft or property damage. In any case of theft or property damage our bond will ensure that the home owner can be fully compensated.

Workers Compensation Insurance: Hiring a private caregiver may leave the homeowner liable for workplace injury. All EverCare caregivers are covered by the company supplied workers compensation insurance. Our insurance will provide coverage for our caregivers while working in your home at any scheduled time.

Auto Insurance: In order for a caregiver to transport a client they must first pass Motor Vehicle Result screening and then provide proof of adequate personal insurance. Our general liability insurance will provide and added layer of protection if an accident were to occur while providing service